Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Trust means a lot to us at Mangawhai Book Shop. Generations of Kiwis have shopped at and trusted Mangawhai Book Shop and we want that to continue into the future. We’re committed to treating the personal information of our customers with care and respect.

This Privacy Statement explains how Mangawhai Book Shop collects, stores, uses and discloses personal information about its customers. We strive to take a consistent approach to privacy practice but may occasionally handle personal information differently. Our stores will tell you before collecting, using or disclosing personal information in ways not covered by this statement.

As you’ll see below, we ensure that our practices comply with the Privacy Act 1993 but we strive to do better than that, and meet industry best practice. 

Information we collect from you

Most of the personal information we collect about you is provided to us directly during your interactions with us or on our website. Sometimes, we may ask our service providers to collect personal information from you on our behalf. 

We always take care to ensure that we only collect personal information needed to provide our services and help run our business. The types of personal information we may collect include:

·         Contact information, including your name, address, telephone number and email address;

·         Demographic information, such as your date of birth and gender;

·         General interest information, such as your Book preferences;

·         Account (and payment) information;

·         Purchase information, such as specific products purchased, dates of purchase and any returns;

·         Social contact information, including any communications via social media, complaints and other contact you have with us;

·         Website information, including browser cookies.

Information we collect from others

In certain circumstances, we may also collect personal information about you from third parties. 

We’ll only do this if you’ve been told first, or where permitted by law. It is important, therefore, that you read the privacy statements for all agencies you deal with, as you may be permitting the sharing of personal information when using other services.

In particular, we may collect personal information about you in the following ways:

How we use personal information

We primarily use the personal information we collect about you to ensure that you receive the best products and services from us. We want to add value to your DIY experience, and your personal information helps us to make sure we get this right. 

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

·         improving our stores’ range of products, services and promotions (including assessing trends and customer interests or preferences);

·         managing your account and our relationship with you, including contacting you about products and/or services you are receiving;

·         managing and monitoring our risks, including:

·         preventing and detecting the commission of offences in our stores;

·         ensuring the safety of our customers and staff; and

·         identifying and investigating health and safety hazards or incidents;

·         recovering any unpaid debts or other monies owing; and

·         complying with our legal and regulatory obligations and any lawful requests from government agencies or regulators.

We may also use your personal information for other purposes, either after notifying you at the time of collection or where those uses are otherwise permitted by law. 

Opting out of offers

From time to time, we will send you offers of products and services because we want to make sure you’re getting the best out of us. 

But, we know that sometimes you might not want to hear from us in this way. We respect that. You can opt out of receiving offers from us at any time. 

How we share personal information 

Sometimes, we need to disclose personal information to third parties in order to meet the purposes set out above. 

Generally, we’ll only disclose your personal information in the ways set out below. If we need to disclose information for other purposes, and it’s not practicable to tell you first, then we’ll only disclose that information if permitted by law. 

As noted above, Mangahwai Book Shop may share personal information from time to time where permitted by law and/or where necessary to meet our purposes set out above. 

We may also disclose your personal information to:

·         our trusted service providers, in order to meet the purposes set out above;

·         the suppliers and manufacturers of our products and services, to manage those products and services;

·         debt collection agencies or credit reporters as part of the account set up or debt recovery process; 

·         government or law enforcement agencies, including regulators, where permitted or required by law or where we reasonably believe it is necessary in order to protect staff, customers or property or to assist other businesses to do the same; and

·         other local businesses, where we reasonably believe that the information may assist them to protect their staff, customers or property. 

 Your right to request a copy of your personal information

You have the right to request a copy of any personal information Mangawhai Book Shop holds about you. The types of information we may hold about you are listed above. Please note that you can only request personal information about yourself, unless you have the consent of another person to request information on their behalf. 

You can request a copy of your personal information by emailing us.

We will be as open as we can with you but sometimes we might need to withhold personal information from you, for example where the information is commercially sensitive or legally privileged. If we withhold information from you, we’ll tell you why.

We’re required by the Privacy Act to make a decision on your request – and convey this to you – within 20 working days. However, we’ll usually respond to you more quickly than this. Where we cannot make a decision within 20 working days, we’ll let you know and explain why.

Your right to correct your personal information

You also have the right to request the correction of personal information that Mangawhai Book Shop holds about you, if you believe it’s inaccurate. 

To request the correction of information, you should follow the same steps as are set out above for requesting a copy. Again, we must respond within 20 working days but will try to respond sooner. 

Any further questions or complaints

Where we have refused a request for access to, or correction of, personal information or where you have any other concerns about the way we have handled your personal information, you have the right to make a complaint. 

In the first instance, please let us know about your concerns by contacting our national Privacy Officer using the contact details set out above. We’ll do everything we can to put the matter right, but if we can’t resolve your complaint for you, then you have the right to make a complaint to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner by:

• completing an online complaint form at; or

• writing to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, PO Box 10-094, The Terrace, Wellington 6143.

Updates to our Privacy Statement

From time to time we may update this Privacy Statement, to reflect changes to our business, products or services or changes to the Privacy Act. We’ll update the Privacy Statement on our website, but may not otherwise notify our customers of a change, so please make sure you review it periodically to ensure you’re up to date with our privacy practices.